There are many good reasons to replace your old Garage door opener!
If your door opener is older than 15 years, it’s time to consider the benefits.

Safety first and foremost! When it decides to stop working, there is no warning sign. Pet safety, child safety and your own is a real consideration. A measure was passed to enforce better entrapment safety features in automatic door opener.

Noise issues are certainly one that comes to mind as well!
You don’t want to be That neighbor the block knows by an agitating door opener!

Older models of door openers can be easily figured out. Radio frequencies are easily intercepted and a fixed code was used, making access to your home or business much easier. Newer models have much safer methods that cannot be found out through such simple means.

Newer models have power back-ups, so you are not locked into your garage during a power outage!

Older models don’t have keypads for extra convenience. Losing a remote meant much more effort required to get inside, not good during a storm or severe cold!

Call us today and we’ll ensure your satisfaction for a new system!